Aerosmith Photography


Whether known as the “Bad Boys From Boston” or “America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band,” few acts are as colorful or aggressive as Aerosmith. Frontman Steven Tyler, guitarists Joe Perry and Brad Whitford, bassist Tom Hamilton, and drummer Joey Kramer first struck worldwide gold after signing with Columbia Records in 1972.

History-making hits “Dream On,” “Sweet Emotion,” and “Walk This Way” defined the ’70s, and even though inner turmoil forced a 1984 schism, everyone came back swinging with a 1986 “Walk This Way” remake alongside Run–D.M.C. From there, the revitalized rockers reclaimed their A‑list status with a string of multi-platinum albums well into the ’90s, including Permanent Vacation, Pump, and Get A Grip.

The legends also rode the monster ballad “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” straight up the charts in 1998, and came back once again in 2012 with Music from Another Dimension! Though personnel relations remain imperfect, everyone still regularly unites for monumental tours that find the 45-plus year rock veterans at the top of their game.

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