Motörhead Photography


Considered genre-defying trailblazers by both critics and fans alike, Motörhead was the loudest and fastest band in the UK—blending punk rock speed with heavy metal aggression. They held sway over generations of fans, laying the groundwork for both speed metal and thrash metal, but with bandleader Lemmy Kilmister always maintaining that Motörhead’s sound was nothing more or less than just straight-ahead rock and roll.

First formed in Britian in 1975, Motörhead had an ever-changing lineup, but was always fronted by bassist and songwriter Kilmister. In 1980, their landmark third album Ace of Spades finally introduced them to America, earning critical acclaim and worldwide success with a raucous title track that eventually became one of their most beloved anthems.

Over the next forty years, “the dirtiest rock ’n’ roll band in the world” seldom tempered their approach, maintaining an aggressive sound anchored by Kilmister’s subterranean bass playing and whiskey-soaked vocals. Upon his passing in 2015, the remaining members quietly called it a day.

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