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Rush’s origins date back the late 1960s, though their “classic” lineup was established in 1974. Singer/bassist/keyboard player Geddy Lee, guitarist Alex Lifeson and drummer (and lyricist) Neil Peart are one of the longest running configurations in rock history and are also considered amongst the most prodigious players of their respective instruments.

Together, this Canadian group evolved from blues-tipped hard rockers to “prog” rock experimentation and synthesizer-centered compositions, but eventually returned to straightforward guitar-charged rock. Across it all, the group sold more than 40 million albums bolstered by landmark long players 2112 and Moving Pictures, plus major singles “Tom Sawyer,” “The Spirit of the Radio,” “Limelight” and “Freewill.”

After much delay and lobbying from their fan base—and having influenced virtually every progressive player that’s followed in their footsteps—the band was finally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013. Rush celebrated a 40th anniversary “final” tour in 2015, though the door remains open for recording and the staging of smaller shows.

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