The Band

Photography by Barrie Wentzell

The Band had been booed back in the ’60s when Bob Dylan had the audacity to go electric and shock the purist folkies at the very Royal and Loyal Albert Hall. They were back to play there again, brave lads! I was sent along to do a group shot for the Melody Maker front page and all was well taking a few individual pics of the Band until I asked if I could do a group shot. “We don’t pose” they answered in union! Drat! What could I do? From deep in the darkened room Albert Grossman appeared. He was Bob Dylan and the Band’s manager and was in his dressing gown, carpet slippers wearing thick glasses. I’d met Albert a few months earlier when I photographed a very young Linda Ronstadt. I told him that I needed a group shot for the front page or else I’m ******! Albert nodded silently and asked the lads to pose for me. They weren’t too happy about this but I did manage to shoot a few rolls of film atop the Hilton Hotel. The concert they played was brilliant and nobody booed; only cheered!!!

Group portrait of the Band on the rooftop of the Hilton Hotel in Mayfair, London, 1971.

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Location: London, GBR
Year: 1971
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