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Barrie Wentzell

Barrie Wentzell learned the basics of photography working at a London photo studio in the early 1960s. He started working in fashion and advertising, but a chance encounter with a young Diana Ross in 1965 resulted in a riveting portrait of this yet-to-be superstar that made the front cover of the Melody Maker, England’s premier music publication.

Barrie went on to become the Melody Maker’s chief contributing photographer from 1965 until 1975—one of the most important decades in the history of popular music. During his tenure, Barrie captured timeless portraits of musical greats, including many unknown musicians who would later become celebrated legends and household names.

In 1975, Barrie abandoned his photography career and moved to the Isle of Wight to work in his brother’s vegetable shop. Today, Barrie lives and works in Toronto, where he contributes to exhibitions, museums, private collections, books, CDs, and DVDs worldwide. In 2017, Barrie’s iconic images were featured in Melody Makers, Should’ve Been There, a landmark documentary film chronicling the birth of UK music journalism.