Icon Photographer Barry Schultz

Barry Schultz

Born and raised in Los Angeles, lifelong photography enthusiast Barry Schultz worked at a camera store as a young man, but on lunch breaks, nights, and weekends, he would shoot musicians. When his boss yelled at him for being late, he decided to quit and do what he loved—forging a new career as a full-time music photographer.

Throughout the ’70s, Barry chronicled the icons of the era. He hung out with the Eagles, was at the introduction of Kiss, and crashed the Oscars. He moved to the Netherlands and documented artists touring Europe: a young Michael Jackson in Amsterdam, the Police in Paris, Bob Marley clouded in smoke in Rotterdam, David Bowie on Dutch TV, plus portraits of George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

Barry quit music photography in the early ’80s as musicians began to assert more control over their image and limit access. He shifted his focus to selling his work, and his photos can be found on album covers, books, t-shirts, posters, and in countless publications worldwide. Currently, he is concentrating on cataloging the rest of his extensive archive.

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