Icon Photographer Jérôme Brunet

Jérôme Brunet

Jérôme Brunet was born in southern France and raised in Ontario, Canada. The son of a classical music teacher, Jérôme got his start in music early, playing cello at the age of four and learning to play guitar in his teens—an instrument he continues to play today. Jérôme’s passion for music translated easily to other artistic pursuits, leading him to study photography in high school before completing his formal education at the prestigious EFET School of Arts in Paris.

Jérôme’s career as a music photographer began with the Banlieues Bleues Festival in Paris in 1994—his work has since been published internationally and is represented by galleries around the world. His visually arresting images have earned him numerous accolades and awards, including a Worldwide Photography Gala Award in 2001, first place at the 2012 International Photo Awards, and the Graphis Photo Annual Silver Award in 2017.

Jérôme recently published a best-selling retrospective, Into the Light, a coffee-table book showcasing the musical icons he’s been privileged to capture over the past twenty years.

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