Icon Photographer Kees Tabak

Kees Tabak

Kees Tabak is a Dutch music photographer who began documenting punk rock for OOR magazine in the late seventies. His images were taken in obscure dressing rooms, small venues, squats, and hotel rooms giving his work a moody atmosphere. Later on celebrities would visit Kees’ studio in Amsterdam.

Kees feels that a photographer catches the soul of his subjects, and his portfolio is the collection of what he caught. He loves people and the way they shine in his photos—whether they are famous or not. “To portray them in their whole being is the essence of photography for me. I always approach them with great respect and curiosity as only with true feeling and depth can you create a genuine picture.”

Over the years, Kees’ work progressed from black and white photography to color, and eventually to digital. In the early 1990s, he retired from music photography to focus on travel, fashion, and advertising. He’s recently returned to basics, however, enjoying the style and purity revealed when capturing images in black and white.

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