Icon Photographer Peter Sanders

Peter Sanders

Peter Sanders was born in London in 1946. His career in photography began just as rock and roll was starting to change the world. Band after band burst out of Britain, hit the charts, made the trans-Atlantic crossing, and took America—and then the world—by storm in what came to be known as the “British Invasion.”

Peter was an eyewitness with a camera at the epicenter of the rock and roll universe. He photographed both the British icons of the era and the American rockers that passed through England. The images he captured have become a part of the collective memory of this seminal and turbulent period.

In the ’70s, Peter began to travel—visiting India, Morocco, and the Middle East. For over forty years he has continued to travel extensively around the world, photographing, exhibiting, lecturing, and, in recent years, undertaking a series of photographic workshops entitled “The Art of Seeing.” He is also working on a life-long book project entitled Meetings with Mountains.

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